The Big Worcester Sleep Out 2021

On 14th October 2021 We will return to WorcesterSix Ways stadium for our third Annual Sleep Out

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness of the complex issues surrounding homelessness within our county, and the services our charities relentlessly push forward.


We started our event to help change perceptions, as well changing lives. Whilst we always seek to create empathy through education, we do not seek to recreate theexperience of being homeless.

Our Aims

In 2019, we had over 120 attend our event, and together we raised £36,000. Our aim for 2021 is to have at least 150 people sleep out on the night, raising £45,000.


For our next event we would like to encourage a minimum target donation from all fundraisers of £150. Although this will not be enforced and we welcome all sleepers, we wish to raise as much money as possible for our causes. At our 2019 event we had a broad range of donation targets, ranging from £70 through to £3,000+. All money raised will be split between equally by Maggs, St Pauls, and Warriors Community Foundation.

The Charities

  • The Warriors Community Foundation exists to help build a legacy for sport, education, health and social cohesion across the communities within our reach. We utilise our brand, players and professional staff to engage and inspire young people through the power of sport.
  • Our mission is to help people live through homelessness so that everyone has a place where they belong and we live in a society where all forms of homelessness are rare, brief and seldom recurrent.
  • Maggs Day Centre provides a lifeline to help people survive the worst of what life throws at them. We provide a safe, dry environment where homeless and particularly vulnerable people can get food and hot drinks, as well as using showers and laundry facilities.