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The Big Worcester Sleep Out

S accessed Maggs approximately 13 months ago, her children are living with her ex-husband and S was very isolated. S is from the Muslim community and her family live in London. S started attending activities with Maggs to give her something to do and to socialise. S had disclosed that she had suffered domestic violence from her ex-husband.

S was encouraged to attend a women’s group as they have specialist knowledge and provide courses for women who are survivors of domestic violence. S started going to various courses, which she thoroughly enjoys and has made friends. S has now signed up for a teaching assistant course and is currently undertaking level 2 English and Maths in preparation. 

This year, in art group we took part in a project with the Art Gallery. the project was called 'What I want'. S's work was exhibited outside of the art gallery, with an additonal piece being created which was shown inside the art gallery.

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The Big Worcester Sleep Out

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