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Helen first moved into St Paul’s Hostel in 2011 but was excluded a year later following an argument with another resident.

Helen moved into a property through the Local Authority but was asked to leave after arguments with her neighbours, as a result of her experiencing Domestic Violence. Following this, she went to prison for shoplifting and slept rough for six months.

In the Spring of 2018 she re-accessed St Paul’s Hostel after being discharged from a residential rehabilitation centre and was determined to change her life. St Paul’s had undergone some huge changes and adopted a Trauma Informed Approach so were able to give Helen the help that she needed.

Helen lived through several traumatic experiences, including the death of her partner and accessed St Paul’s Counselling Service to address these. Helen described it as ‘being able to explore her past and the traumas she came across, although she has not got rid of the traumas, she has learnt to deal with them”.

With help from St Paul’s Job Coach, Helen enrolled at College and completed XXX course. In July, Helen spent time fund raising for St Paul’s and requested that the money was used to continue funding weekly Mindfulness sessions for both staff and residents.

Helen says “St Paul’s has helped me so much through continual counselling support, mindfulness, going to the gym, volunteer work and a counselling course which was all set up by the staff at St Paul’s. I have been reunited with my family and continue to make positive changes every day. I have a bright future now thanks to St Paul’s”.

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